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Leveraging Calendar Events to Increase Gift Card Sales


Despite many consumer goods being increasingly digitalised in our age of technology, modern consumers still recognise, and look for, tactical gifts such as Gift Cards when gift-giving. While personal purchase decisions may have shifted from hard-copy books to digital copies, CD's to Spotify subscriptions, DVD's to Netflix and so on, the desire to see our friends and family open an envelope and read the words that we have written for them remains.

Consumers purchase Gift Cards throughout the year for birthdays and anniversaries, and at particular times of the year for calendar events such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Understanding these markets and planning your marketing accordingly can greatly increase gift card sales.

Numerous studies, data and anecdotal evidence suggests that emotional marketing is the most effective form of targeting audiences around calendar events such as Father’s Day. This is because brands and businesses have the opportunity to tap into the emotions often associated with that holiday and offer consumers a story or thread with the ‘right’ message, just at the ‘right’ time.

While people like to think that their decision-making is purely rational, the fact of the matter is that humans instinctually make decisions emotionally before justifying them rationally. This tells us that any successful holiday marketing campaign should be an emotional one that focuses on the feelings that fit the season, including family, “home for the holidays,” community, love and gratitude.

Targeted marketing campaigns for different gift-giving events should be a fundamental aspect of any business offering gift cards. At this particular time of year, wives and children are looking to purchase heart-felt gifts for their respective husbands and fathers. So does your gift card packaging appeal to these consumers? Try our gift card box.

In the case of gift cards, it is a reasonably straight-forward process to leverage these different consumer markets. Consider a series of gift card designs, each targeted to a specific audience. If you're on a budget, themed card holders with a generic gift card offer a more cost-effective solution. Couple that with an A4 counter card positioned at your point of sale weeks before the holiday and you're already on your way to maximising your gift cards sales. For more advanced marketing campaigns, your theme could expand into online promotions - email campaigns, social media posts and paid online advertising. For most, a simple themed card holder is a great place to start.

Father’s day in itself is a unique example of a holiday that over the past decades has not greatly changed in its celebration, the holiday still conjures images of breakfast in bed, and a cup of coffee alongside the Father’s Day card that the kids have scribbled in, likely accompanied by some arts and crafts made at school. Gift cards are important part of any holiday but in this case they are integral, and so we encourage any business looking maximise sales around such events to take action now and uniquely design your own strategy before its too late.


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