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Printing with Pantone



The colour cult that is Pantone.

Pantone® is an institution in the world of Graphic Design. For many print designers, the love affair they have with their Pantone Swatch Book is surpassed only by that they have with their 27” iMac. It’s a safe bet to assume they own at least one piece of Pantone merch. I, myself have a mug.

Pantone colours, or ‘spot colours’ are colours created without screens or dots. The extensive range of 1,867 colours in the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM are created from a foundation of 18 basic colours, mixed in specific formulas. Colours printed using spot colours often appear cleaner and brighter than if they were printed in CMYK. The tight control and frequent testing of Pantone manufacturers, also ensures a colour consistency the world over.

It’s no wonder graphic designers go a bit gaga for Pantone.

Spot colours are commonly used in corporate logos and identity programs to ensure colour consistency across various print collateral. Specifying Pantone colours for your print job will ensure that the colour of the finished product is exactly as intended.

The downside?

Cost. Printing with Pantone colours will significantly increase your printing costs, especially if more than one spot colour is being used.

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