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Plastic Cards for Gyms and Fitness Studios

At Creative Plastic Cards we are determined to help your gym or fitness studio succeed. To help you lift your game, we have put together a list of creative ways to use our products to your advantage. Feel free to call and discuss other ways we can assist 02 9525 1514.

Plastic Card Products


Gym membership

Membership Cards

Gym membership cards are a no brainer, especially if you have multiple locations and members have access to all studio locations.  Use one of our Combo Card setups with a Key Tag so you members can have their membership details attached to their keys and not have to bring their wallet to the gym

Gift Cards1

Gift Cards

Send old clients a promotional gift card to win back their business or incentivise your current clients to bring along new ones by rewarding them with a promotional Gift card 

Referral Gift Cards1


Referral Gift Cards

Widely used in the beauty industry, Referral Cards are a powerful way to both attract new clients and reward existing ones. Offer a monetary amount or introductory membership special on the plastic card and issue them to current clients, encouraging them to pass out to their friends and family.

Staff ID Cards

Provide your reception staff, personal trainers, instructors and management team with branded identification cards or name tags.  

Promo Cards1


Promo Cards

If you use one of our Combo Card setups to issue membership cards, you can incorporate a snap-off promotional offer or referral gift card. 

Key Tags1

Key Tags

Issue clients with a branded plastic key tag with your studios details. You can even incorporate a barcode for clients to scan entering and exiting your premises. Check out the gallery of key tag shapes and sizes available.

Other Products