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Plastic Cards for Health Care

Plastic cards are used widely in the health care industry by large hospitals, private practices and pharmaceutical companies. To help get your creative juices flowing, we've listed a few ways plastic cards and accessories can be utilised in the health care industry.


Staff ID Cards

Plastic Cards are a hygienic choice for staff identification cards. We also have a range of clips and fasteners available to attach and display your staff ID cards onto clothes.

Access Cards

If you need to restrict access to certain areas and or people, plastic key cards can be an effective solution. Incorporate a magnetic strip or barcode to work with your access hardware.


Emergency Cards

Issue staff with a plastic card with a list of emergency contact numbers or safety procedures. Very handy in the event of an emergency.

Appointment Cards

A sophisticated and reusable way for patients to keep track of their appointments. A clear writing strip is applied to the plastic card to allow you to write appointment details on using a regular pen or marker.


Patient Referral Cards

Encourage word-of-mouth patient referrals with a plastic referral gift card.


Plastic Business Cards

A step above a standard paper business card, there are a range of special finishes and effects that can be used on plastic that just can't be achieved with paper. Plastic cards are also more durable than paper cards, ensuring your contact details are kept by your patients for longer.


Education Cards

St Johns Ambulance provides plastic cards for their e-learning course, presented in branded mini card holders.


Promo Cards

These plastic business cards double as a promotional card, offering patients a FREE initial consult - a great way to boost new patient numbers. Promo cards are also a great way for pharmaceutical companies to offer discounts or special offers on new products.