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Plastic Cards for Schools

Plastic cards have a myriad of uses throughout the school environment from staff and student ID cards to awesome resources within the classroom. Our range of products can be branded with your school logo or emblem as well as imprinted with important information for staff and students at a glance. For those looking to instil some colour and vibrancy into their teaching, our range of brag tags and award tokens can add that extra fun and excitement into your classroom!


Student and Staff ID Cards

Create student and staff ID tags that are durable and will last the distance. Include student or staff photo, ID number, allergy information and emergency contacts for easy access of important information when required. Double it up with our handy lanyards so students and staff can access their IDs at all times.


Library Cards

Your student and staff ID cards can double up easily as library cards, or stand as a library card in their own right. The addition of a barcode makes for quick and easy library lending.


Access Cards

Staff ID cards can be imprinted with a magnetic stripe or barcode to allow access to staff only and office areas. Much easier than lugging multiple sets of bulky keys!


Visitor Passes

Make visitors to the school grounds easily identifiable with our plastic visitor passes. Paired with our lanyards, plastic ID cards will ensure staff and students immediately recognise an invited visitor to the school, a volunteer parent or can quickly recognise if someone is in the school grounds that doesn’t belong.



Plastic flash cards are a great way to boost the vivacity and longevity of this brilliant class resource. Primary students will love the bright colours that can be printed on our plastic cards, and teachers will love that they are a resource that can last for years – not terms!


Brag Tags

Brag tags are an awesome classroom incentive for lower primary years. Choose from a range of awarded behaviours such as ‘quiet worker’, ‘great teamwork’ ‘super speller’ or ‘great reading’ and award a brag tag to students when they display the brag tag behaviours. Brag tags can be worn around kids’ necks and are a great way to encourage positive behaviour in the classroom!


Award Tokens

Save the extra printing every week and replace with plastic award tokens for special class incentives. Students can earn reward tokens throughout the week and draw a special prize from the pool every week. Plastic reward tokens are a great resource that is reusable and can be branded with your choice of theme to match your class or teaching style.


Bag Tags

Help your kids find their bag quickly and easily at lunch and the end of the day with our plastic bag tags. Our plastic bag tags can be hole punched to easily clip onto kids’ bags and will sustain the wear and tear common to kids’ belongings!



Fundraising Cards

Our plastic cards will make your next school fundraiser a breeze! We can custom design your card with your school logo or emblem and load it up with special offers, discounts and giveaways from your local supporters.


USB Cards

Get branded plastic USB cards for your school now! Load your course material onto these versatile devices to issue students. Available in a range of sizes. They're our smartest plastic card!