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Plastic Cards for Sports Clubs

There are a number of creative ways that Plastic Cards and accessories can be used within your sporting club or organisation. Here, we've listed a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Got any other great ideas? Let us know!


Plastic Cards1

Season Passes

Issue your club members with a plastic season pass. Print the fixture on one side and have their member details on the other. Incorporate a barcode or magnetic strip to work with your entry system for stadium access on game day!

Platinum Card1

Membership Cards

Issue a 'Gold' or 'Platinum' membership card to your clubs life members. 

Fundraising Cards

A great way to generate funds for your sports club and support your sponsors at the same time. Sell a plastic fundraising card loaded full of special discounts and offers to your supporters.

Card Mailers

A great way to issue your clubs Membership Cards or Season Passes with plenty of space inside the envelope for a printed season draw or welcome pack.

Drink Tokens

Sell plastic drink tokens to reduce cash handling and waiting lines at the bar on game day. Free drink tokens are also a novel idea to use for special functions or for players post-game.

Luggage Items1

Luggage Tags

If you're a club that has sports people traveling across the country or even around the world, then luggage tags branded with your club logo is an effective way to keep easily identify your teams luggage items.

Drink Coasters

Promotional drink coasters make a fabulous collectable item to include in your welcome pack to season members. Issued in packs of four, you can have designs that feature your star players or best moments from the previous season.

Official Cards1


Branded lanyards that display player or support staff passes are a great idea to be able to easily identify players and staff.