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Plastic Card Features

It's due to the large range of features available that make plastic cards such a versatile and powerful tool for your business. Explore the options below and feel free to call us to discuss any special requirements for your next plastic card design.


Embossing is used to apply machine-readable characters onto plastic cards. The text is stamped into the back of the card and appears raised on the...

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Track your plastic cards easily with a barcode Barcodes are an inexpensive way of collecting, verifying and tracking data and can easily be incorporated onto your...

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Magnetic Strip

Magnetic strips are a popular addition for many types of plastic cards including Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Access Cards ...

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QR Code

QR codes are a type of 2D barcode that store digital data. Incorporating a QR code to your plastic card can increase customer engagement and...

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Signature Panel

Write on your plastic card with ease using a signature panel. Signature panels are a popular addition for plastic Gift Cards and Membership Cards as they...

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Track your plastic cards with a numbering system Adding a sequential or randomly generated numbering system to your plastic card is a cost effective way of being...

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Hole & Slot Punch

Standard size Hole and Slot Punches can be incorporated into most of our plastic card shapes and sizes for very little added cost. But we...

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Scratch-off Panel

Increase customer engagement with your plastic card using a scratch-off panel. Looking for a great idea for your next promotion? Scratch off panels are a fantastic...

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Variable Data

Variable data, such as membership names, photos, numbers and contact information can be thermally printed over the plastic card. Printing can be in white, black,...

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Eyelets can be used to join two plastic cards together - a great idea for Luggage Tags! Some restrictions apply to the number (and thickness) of cards that can...

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Overprinting is where information is printed on a pre-printed plastic card. It is commonly used for ID or Membership Cards, where variable data, such as ...

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