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Plastic Card Materials

The range of materials for your next plastic card design are displayed below. Contact us for further information on any of the materials shown or for advice on choosing a plastic card material for your job.

Clear Plastic

With effective design, Clear Plastic Cards are a fantastic alternative to opaque plastic cards, providing a unique way to market your business and brand.

Clear plastic cards are available in either a gloss, matt or frosted finish. The gloss finish renders the card completely transparent, whereas a matt finish gives the card a translucent finish with light that is subtly diffused through the card to produce interesting effects. With the matt finish the texture of the card is still smooth, whereas the frosted cards have a slightly textured finish. It is important to note that you can select a gloss front and frosted reverse or vice versa. The options are endless! 

To make graphic areas really pop, a layer of opaque white is printed underneath the graphics. Bear in mind the impact that translucent areas may have on the reverse of the card. It can often be tricky to visualise the final effect!

Clear plastic cards are available in various thicknesses and shapes such as 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.76mm. The most popular for a plastic business card is 0.5mm, slightly thinner than a credit card.

Our team can assist in creating a truly unique design for your business using a clear plastic card. Contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a sample pack.

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