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Tree Planting Project

Here at Creative Plastic Cards, we’re serious about sustainability and lessening our environmental impact. Through tree planting, plastic card recycling, and carbon offsetting, This is our way of helping our our customers and our team do their bit for the environment.

Did you know we plant trees for every plastic card order we receive?

We know that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep the Earth’s temperature from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They’re also crucial to preventing ecological collapse and the extinction of plant and animal species.

As part of our Creative eco initiatives and our partnership with Ecologi, every plastic card order you place with Creative Plastic Cards helps us plant trees right here in Australia to recover fire-damaged land and restore habitats for our native species.

Our Partnership with Ecologi

Climate Positive Workforce
Australia’s forests and bushland are under increasing threat of destruction, and we want to help. Through our partnership with Ecologi, we’re planting trees throughout Australia to help reforest this beautiful country of ours.

Ecologi funds projects across Australia to plant trees in areas where they have been lost, helping the habitats to recover, restoring biodiversity, supporting local communities, and absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Ecologi’s reforestation work in Australia

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Aussie Planting Partners

Ecologi are partnered with One Tree Planted (OTP) –  a 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental charity. OTP was founded in 2014 and since then has more than doubled the number of trees they planted each year. You can check out One Tree Planted’s incredible work here.

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Aussie Projects

The Australian tree-planting projects include bushfire recovery nurseries, creating habitat corridors for koalas in New South Wales and Victoria, enhancing biodiversity in Western Australia, and promoting sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices with landowners across the country.

Check out the incredible reforesting work Ecologi are doing in Australia, and join us on our tree planting journey over on our Instagram.

With your generous support of our business we can truly make a difference. Thank you!

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