No-Touch Tool

Avoid direct contact with high touch shared surfaces – hands-free lever door opening and button touching. Inexpensive, lightweight and available to purchase in 7 fun designs or custom brand the No-Touch Tool to help your patrons and staff stay COVID safe. Buy 5 or more and enter the coupon code free5hip for FREE Shipping!


The new normal is here, and we have the right tool at the right price to help you adapt.

Imagine one publicly shared door in your world – whether it’s in the office, local shopping centre or hairdressers. Now think of all the people in one day who have put their germ-filled hands on it. If that isn’t scary enough for you, think about all the other doors and shared surfaces they picked up freeloading germs from, just to get to that one door.

Now, more than ever, we must take responsibility for ourselves, family, and friends to stay healthy and limit self and cross-contamination.

The No-Touch Tool allows you to interact with your world without having to worry about touching all the surfaces that house and breed nasty germs. This tool will enable you to avoid direct contact with shared high-touch surfaces like public doors, ATMs, and buttons.

Unlike other contactless keys on the market, the No-Touch Tool is lightweight yet rugged and robust, made from durable 1.5mm PVC. Open and close multiple door levers and pull and push items with ease.

The No-Touch Tool is compact and attaches easily to your keys, belt clip, retractable carabiner, or lanyard. Ready and waiting for you – everywhere you go.

Because the No-Touch Tool is PVC, all you have to do is wipe over with a disinfectant wipe or spray to keep clean and germ-free. There is no fear about rusting and tarnishing, which is the case for other similar products on the market.

The No-Touch Tool is available in 7 fun designs to brighten your day. If you would prefer to personalise or custom brand your No-Touch Tool for your business or family, we are more than happy to arrange that as well.

You can get the No-Touch Tool for just $4.95, and as a special launch offer, buy two and get one free. If you buy five or more No-Touch Tools, we ship them to you for FREE (CODE FREE5HIP).

Use the No-Touch Tool to open lever style doors, use ATMs, and press pedestrian crossing buttons without fear of getting sick. Keep yourself COVID safe.

Grab you and your family and friends a No-Touch Tool today.


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