Membership Cards

A well designed and marketed Membership Card Program is a great way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Everyone LOVES a good member!

Membership Programs are an integral part of many professional organisations such as Gyms, Sporting Clubs, RSL’s and many other types of businesses and associations. A quality Plastic Card is a key component of successful Membership Programs, offering a way to impress your customers and increase their loyalty and engagement with your business.

Plastic Membership Cards work hand-in-hand with your Membership Database. Information such as Members’ Names and Membership Numbers can be incorporated with ease. A BarcodeQR Code or Magnetic Strip can be used to integrate seamlessly with your POS System, allowing you to collect valuable data about your Members’ behaviour.

Our friendly sales and support team specialise in design and print of high quality Plastic Membership Cards that are unique to your business and complement your branding. We offer a complete design and print service with a range of supporting print and marketing material to boost the success of your Membership Card Program.

Snap-Off Key Tags are a great addition for many Membership Programs, allowing your Members’ to keep their membership details conveniently on their keys. There are a wide range of different options available. Browse our range or call us if you have any further questions regarding integrating a Snap-off Key Tag with your Plastic Membership Card.

At Creative Plastic Cards, we know that a well designed and marketed Membership Card Program will be an effective way to boost your business and increase Member loyalty. Order your Membership Cards and start seeing the benefits now!

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  1. Cheryl Sandrin

    We love our membership cards and found the process very simple, efficient, friendly staff and stress free.

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Membership Cards

Membership Cards

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Our in-house creative team are here to help!

If you prefer to supply your own print-ready artwork that’s okay too. Explore and download our plastic card templates.

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