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Artwork Guidelines and

Helpful Tips

Supplying your own artwork? Follow our artwork guidelines for the perfect set up of Plastic Card print ready artwork every time.

Artwork Check Breakdown

So that you can enjoy a seamless artwork submission process we have put together a guide to ensure you get the very best results from your print.

File Set up

PDF or AI files are the preferred file formats for submission. Below is an indepth explanation on how you can achieve this.


You have a few options available to you when it comes to tracking your printed cards. Below is a guide on how to setup your preferred option.

Special Finishes

If you are going the extra mile and looking to add embellishments to your printed cards, check out our setup guide below.

File Set Up

Before starting, take a look here for the template that correlates to your quoted product, this template Is the best guide to ensure correct print setup is achieved. PDFs are the best way to submit artwork to us and most design software will allow you to export a print ready PDF, including Canva. Any images within the file should always have a resolution of 300dpi. Please ensure that the file has a 3mm bleed and crop marks (indicating lines that identify where the bleed starts and the printable area begins). When creating the PDF, always ensure that you are converting the file to a CMYK colour space.

  • Make sure the file is set up to correct dimensions
  • Ensure colour profile is CMYK
  • Check resolution of images, making sure they are 300dpi
  • All art should extend beyond dimesions creating 3mm bleed around artwork
  • Export your design as a Print ready PDF.  

Please download our guide for a more in depth understanding of file set up.


[rprThere are 5 options when it comes to tracking your cards.

1. Barcodes
Most Popular Types:
– Code 39 (minimum of 4 digits)
– Code 128 (minimum of 4 digits)
– EAN 13 (minimum of 12 digits)

2. Numbering
– Sequential Numbering
– Random Numbering

3. QR Code
– Sequential Numbering
– Random Numbering

4. Writing Panel
Like a signature panel on a credit card, a writing panel allows you to write information onto a selected area on the card.

5. Magnetic Strip
Option to pre-encode the Magnetic Strip available.

Please download our guide for setting up your chosen tracking option

Special Finishes

Adding embellishments to your printed card is a great way to impress. For us to be able to create a gold foil, emboss or any other special finish we need a file that includes vectorised elements. These files will often end in the following file extensions: .ai, .eps, .svg.

When preparing your files for print

• Make sure elements requested with special finish are placed as vector line work
• If using Canva – Export your elements as SVG files
•  For print ready artwork, export your file as a high res PDF


Please download our guide for setting up your special finishes or embellishments

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