We’re serious about sustainability and lessening our environmental impact, and we truly want to make a difference. Which is why we’ve launched our Project Green by CPC initiative! Through plastic card recycling and tree planting, Project Green is our way of helping our customers do their bit for the environment.

Did you know?

Enough plastic is thrown away every year to circle the earth 4 times

10% of the plastic we use ends up in the ocean

It takes between 500-1000 years for plastic to degrade

Plastic Card Recycle Box

Have you ever wondered if you can recycle plastic cards?

You can! But unfortunately it’s not as easy as popping them in your regular recycling bin. Because of this, countless plastic cards end up in landfill each year – but we’re on a mission to change that, with our Plastic Card Recycle Box program!

We’ve made it easy to recycle your unwanted plastic cards!

We know that gift card recycling is something lots of our customers would love to do, so we’re using the Zero Waste Box solution by TerraCycle® – the global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials – to recycle your used or expired PVC plastic cards.

Buy a Plastic Card Recycle Box for just $25

PLUS! When you purchase a Plastic Card Recycle Box, you’ll automatically become a CPC Project Green Partner. Keep reading to find out what that means for you and your business!

How does it work?

Here at CPC HQ we have a TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box™ dedicated to recycling PVC plastic cards – but we need your help to fill it!

To make it super easy for you to get your unwanted plastic cards to us for recycling, we’ve created our very own Plastic Card Recycle Box for you to purchase and fill with unwanted plastic cards.


Buy your Plastic Card Recycle Box for $25. We’ll send you your Plastic Card Recycle Box, as well as a reply paid label for you to use to send your full box back to us!


Pop your Plastic Card Recycle Box on your front counter (or anywhere, really!) and start collecting used/expired PVC plastic cards!


Once your Plastic Card Recycle Box is full (it should take approximately 100 cards), tape it up and use the reply paid label to post it back to us here at CPC HQ. We’ll then add your cards to our TerraCycle Zero Waste Box!


Once our Zero Waste Box is full, we’ll ship it to TerraCycle who sort the PVC cards and transform them into plastic granules that are then used to create new products! We’ll continue to purchase Zero Waste Boxes from TerraCycle and keep the program going.


Want to keep supporting this initiative? Thank you! Simply purchase another Plastic Card Recycle Box and keep up the good work!

Our Tree Planting Project

For every Plastic Card Recycle Box purchased, 1 tree will be planted in Madagascar by Ecologi – a social enterprise who combat climate change by planting trees. We have our very own CPC forest, and have planted over 10,000 trees to date!

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Put your Plastic Card Recycle Box on your sales counter so your customers can pop in their redeemed gift cards in themselves. They’ll love feeling a part of the process and will be glad to know they’re supporting an eco-friendly business!

What’s in it for you?

When you buy a Plastic Card Recycle Box, you automatically become a CPC Project Green Partner!

To thank you for your commitment to a greener future, we’ll feature you on our website and social media to let the world know you’re doing your bit!

PLUS! You’ll get a Project Green Social Media Pack so you can promote yourself as an environmentally aware business on your social channels!