Plastic Cards for Bars, Clubs & Restaurants

If you’re in the restaurant game there are a number of ways that Creative Plastic Cards can enhance your marketing and make your venue stand out from the crowd. We have put together a comprehensive list of ways that our products can be used to increase the effectiveness of your branding and marketing.

Plastic Card Products Ideal for Restaurants and Bars

Gift Cards

A stylish alternative to old fashioned paper gift vouchers and a proven way to increase sales and grow your restaurant customer base, plastic gift cards are a must for any restaurant! Present your gift card in style with our large selection of gift card holders.

VIP/Loyalty Cards

Reward your frequent diners through a VIP or Loyalty Card system, it’s a useful way to collect customer details, track purchasing behaviour and run targeted marketing promotions. For something different, check out our combo cards – a nifty way for customers to keep your loyalty card on their keyring.

Business Cards

A sophisticated alternative to paper business cards with a range of special finishes and effects that cannot be achieved with paper cards. If elegance and sophistication is what your restaurant is all about then consider a plastic business card.

Table Talkers

Use a large size plastic card as a table talker, it’s a durable and stylish alternative to laminated paper, great for cocktail or bar menus, and can be wiped down – no more soggy laminated paper! Plastic card template CPC-1093 is very close in size to a standard A5.

Cloakroom Cards

Fantastic alternative to paper cloakroom tickets, customers can keep them securely in their wallet and won’t be left searching frustratingly through bags and pockets for that little shabby bit of paper on their way out of your venue!

Concierge Cards

A standard plastic card with a snap-off key tag is the perfect solution for an effective concierge system. Give your customer a numbered card and use the smaller key tag to attach to their car key or hang on a hook with their keys.

Drink Tokens

Complimentary or prepaid plastic tokens are great to reduce cash handling and speed up queues at the bar. They also make an effective way to lure potential customers to your venue. Support a local fundraising event by issuing a drink token to all attendees!

Bar Tab Cards

Easy for your customers to keep in their wallets, a custom branded card with a numbering or barcode system is an effective way to manage your restaurant bar tab system

Combo Cards

Larger style combo card can be used effectively as a restaurant takeaway menu with a snap-off discount or promotional card at the bottom. Consider a mailbox drop in your local area, you’ll be able to track the effectiveness by the number of customers who visit your restaurant bearing the promotional card. Also, check out our tear-off paper promo cards.

Table Numbers

Get custom designed table numbers for your restaurant incorporating your branding or marketing message.

Drink Coasters

These durable, coated drink coasters are a long lasting way to promote a marketing campaign in your venue, as well as being a very useful product. Choose circular or square, and make a splash with up to four unique designs!

Staff ID Cards

Use a plastic card to integrate with your sign-in, sign-out or POS system. Staff cards are also useful if you have a lot of staff or multiple venues and are running a staff discount system.

Other Products

Snap Frames

Snap Frames – A4 or A3 posters mounted in a snap frame are a great way to promote gift card sales or other promotions on the back of restroom doors

Flyers & Brochures

Laminated flyers can be used as table talkers and are another great way to push gift card sales, promote upcoming events or display your wine and cocktail menus. We can also organise design, print and distribution of takeaway menus

Business Cards

We offer a complete design and print service of business cards.

Window & Mirror Decals

For front restaurant signage and bathroom mirrors
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