Access Cards

Custom printed and encoded plastic access cards for your business, organisation, venue or event.

Plastic access cards can find a place wherever it is required to identify the holder. They provide affordable control over door access for your hotel, warehouse, laboratory or any other business.

Access control systems, where only authorised people have the right to reside in certain areas (e.g. hotel rooms, laboratories, warehouses), or the use of specific devices (computers, photocopiers, etc.) are a great example of how you can use access cards within your business.

Time attendance systems are another great example, requiring employees to record daily entry and exit from the workplace, which allows for greater control of actual hours worked and the corresponding adjustment of wages.

A number of tracking options are available for Access Cards, the most popular being encoded Hi-Co Magnetic StripsBarcodesQR Codes, RFID or NFC contactless cards can be used, depending on the requirements of your card reader.

Our access cards can be sized to fit your door locks as well as be encoded to use your existing access control system

We offer a complete design and print service for plastic Access Cards. Contact us for further information.

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Access Cards

Access Cards

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If you prefer to supply your own print-ready artwork that’s okay too. Explore and download our plastic card templates.