Satin Stretch Ribbons

Pre-tied satin stretch ribbons are the finishing touch to your Gift Box or Card Holder.


Satin stretch ribbons are a simple and effective accessory, providing that special finishing touch to your Card Holder or Gift Box!

Each ribbon is pre-tied for convenience and is available in 12mm Black, Silver, Ivory, Lime and Red

The extended range is also available to be special ordered. Sold in packs of 25. MOQ 100

12mm Satin Stretch Ribbons
Colours available: Gold, Brown, Pink, Burgundy, Light Navy, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver/White
5mm Satin Stretch Ribbons
Colours available: Black, Ivory, Brown, Red
Elastic Stretch Loops
Colours available: White, Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Copper


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Satin Stretch Ribbons

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