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Plastic Card Features

It's due to the large range of features available that make plastic cards such a versatile and powerful tool for your business. Explore the options below and feel free to call us to discuss any special requirements for your next plastic card design.

Magnetic Strip

Magnetic strips are a popular addition for many types of plastic cards including Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Access Cards and more. A unique serial number is encoded into the black strip using magnetic energy which integrates with your POS or card access system.

There are two main varieties of magnetic strip encoding: Low-coercivity (Li-Co) and High-Coercivity (Hi-Co).

  • Lo-Co: is for low use, a lower amount of magnetic energy is required to encode them, making them cheaper to produce.
  • Hi-Co: is the most common, allowing for repetitive swiping or an extended lifetime.

Standard Magnetic Strips are usually black in colour but they can be produced in silver or gold (minimum order is 10,000). 

What we need to know about your magnetic strip

We want your magnetic strips to work properly the first time. In order to achieve this you may need to contact your POS or lock system provider for the following information:

  1. Does your magnetic strip need to be Hi-Co or Lo-Co, or will either option work?
  2. Which track/s should be used for encoding your magnetic strip?
  3. Are the serial numbers to be random or sequential? If random, are specific characters or a specific number of characters required (best to obtain a random number file from your system provider)? If they are sequential, what number should we start with?

If you have the technology to encode the magnetic strips yourself, then Plastic Cards can also be ordered without encoding. 

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