Drink Tokens

A forgery-proof way to redeem promo drinks and food at your venue. Or go cashless at your next event with prepaid drink tokens.

Put Plastic Drink Tokens to work at your venue today!

Does your venue use complimentary paper drink cards? Plastic Drink Tokens are a great alternative to use for Restaurants, Nightclubs, Pubs, and Bar Promotions to paper cards due to their durability and security. Unlike paper cards, Plastic Drink Tokens are not easily forged and tracking is made easy through the simple inclusion of a numbering or barcode system.

Plastic Drink Tokens are also a fabulous idea for cashless events. Customers can prepay for tokens and redeem them for food or drink items.

Great for Promotions too! For example ‘BUY 1 GET 1 FREE’

  • Customer redeems same day (Successful up sell)
  • Customer comes back with friends (Repeat business + referrals)
  • Customer keeps as souvenir

At Creative Plastic Cards, we specialise in design and print of high quality Plastic Drink Tokens. Our Creative Team can assist in creating a truly unique Drink Token design for your venue. Alternatively, we have a Stock Drink Token design which can be customised with your logo or venue name printed in white on the reverse.

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Drink Tokens

Drink Tokens

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If you prefer to supply your own print-ready artwork that’s okay too. Explore and download our plastic card templates.