Lenticular Cards

These cards with 3D flip images create a distinctive and lasting effect in the eye of the holder.

Everyone loves a surprising new toy. Lenticular cards deliver just that into your customer’s hands – Every. Single. Time.

They will capture your client’s attention and build a compelling personal connection – your customers will never be able to forget you or your brand.

The lenticular card is one of the most exciting and affordable mediums in marketing. They are made by interlacing two or more images onto the unique surface of the plastic card. This creates depth and motion effects when you turn the card. The images seemingly blend and morph into one another through movement, animating a story in two or three flips.

It makes any product eye-catching and magnetic.

The potential uses are endless – being able to communicate various advertising messages through one small piece of plastic. Texts, slogans, pictures with different sequences, and more. It’s almost like watching a short film come to life, right in front of your eyes.

It’s a wildly popular choice for lanyard inserts, customer and gift cards, postcards, business cards, and more. Let us know the message you want to convey, and our design team at Creative Plastic Cards will get to work, creating the ultimate lenticular card for your precise requirements.

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Lenticular Cards

Lenticular Cards

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