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Table Numbers

Table numbers don’t have to be ‘just practical.’ Elevate your settings and add a unique touch while helping guests and customers find their table.

Help your staff and guests find their place in the crowd.

Table numbers aren’t just useful indicators for employees, customers, and guests – helping them to locate their table with ease in crowded locations.

They are a beautiful way to bring your table settings to life. At Creative Plastic Cards, we have a wide range of styles, designs, and fonts to complement your branding, interior, or theme. You are guaranteed to find a style perfect for your requirements.

There’s no need to go for plain and boring. Make a statement and have your table numbers become the ultimate centrepiece.

Our table numbers are specifically designed to be used in the foodservice industry. This requires them to be produced with materials that facilitate easy cleaning to promote a hygienic environment.

We use the best quality and durable materials, so the pieces maintain a professional appearance. They can be utilised for years to come. Giving you excellent value for money.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning a themed décor for your special event or establishment, or ready to purchase immediately – at Creative Plastic Cards, we can help you find the perfect table number style to fulfil your precise requirements.


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Table Numbers

Table Numbers

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