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Plastic Card Features

It's due to the large range of features available that make plastic cards such a versatile and powerful tool for your business. Explore the options below and feel free to call us to discuss any special requirements for your next plastic card design.


Embossing is used to apply machine-readable characters onto plastic cards. The text is stamped into the back of the card and appears raised on the front side, just like you would see an account number on a credit card.

If the embossed text is required to be machine readable then please ensure that;

  • Only capital letters are used
  • Only OCR fonts
  • Height of the letters or numbers must be either 3mm or 5mm high


Tipping is where a coloured ink is applied to the embossed text, usually gold or silver but other colours are available.

Please be aware that embossing is only available on standard (credit card) thickness plastic cards.

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