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Plastic Card Features

It's due to the large range of features available that make plastic cards such a versatile and powerful tool for your business. Explore the options below and feel free to call us to discuss any special requirements for your next plastic card design.

Hole & Slot Punch

Standard size Hole and Slot Punches can be incorporated into most of our plastic card shapes and sizes for very little added cost. But we also have a variety of dies which already include a hole or slot punch which can be used at no added cost to you!

There are a number of ways that a Hole or Slot punch is a useful addition to your plastic card including;

  • To hang on a Retail Stand for point of sale display
  • To easily attach to a lanyard for Employee ID Cards or Access Cards
  • So that the plastic card can be threaded onto a keyring, great for Membership Cards
  • To tie onto a retail item as in the case of a plastic Swing Tag

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