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Plastic Card Features

It's due to the large range of features available that make plastic cards such a versatile and powerful tool for your business. Explore the options below and feel free to call us to discuss any special requirements for your next plastic card design.

Signature Panel

Write on your plastic card with ease using a signature panel.

Signature panels are a popular addition for plastic Gift Cards and Membership Cards as they allow you to easily write on the card without the text smearing or wiping off. There are no size restrictions, signature panels can be any shape or size, and are printed by the application of a white or transparent matt film over the design.

Adding a signature panel to your plastic card is a complimentary service. Please contact us if you have any questions about incorporating a signature panel to your plastic card design.


When preparing files for print, place any areas that require signature panelling on a separate layer called 'Signature Panel'. Show the areas using a spot colour set to ‘Overprint’.

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