RT Health

RT Health approached us to print a range of clear plastic Membership Cards for 2018.

The design was printed on a clear PVC using two different Pantone colours. A metallic ink (Pantone 8001C) was used for the background, with the repeating pattern in a 60% tint of the same colour. The logotype and logomark were printed in Pantone 242 with the tagline in black.

A white underprint layer was printed on the reverse of the card, with a circle cut out in the bottom corner. This rendered the card completely opaque in the area where the white was printed, allowing the colours printed over the top to really pop. The result was a subtle, three dimensional effect to the print on the front.

The logomark was printed in the clear area of the card, allowing it to be seen from both the front and the back. It made a beautiful little feature on the card.

The design for the back of the card included a hi-co magnetic strip with terms and conditions printed underneath. A transparent writing panel was also incorporated above the contact details for members to sign their cards.

Project Specs

  • Size: 85.5 x 54mm (standard card card size)
  • Thickness: .76mm
  • Front Colour: CMYK + 2 Spot Colours
  • Back Colour: CMYK + 1 Spot Colour
  • Other Features: Hi-Co Magnetic Strip, Transparent Signature Panel
RT Health - Membership Card Collage
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