Swing Tags

Showcase your brand and product with a unique plastic swing tag! Variety of shapes and sizes available.

Do you want your brand to stand out?

Using a Plastic Swing Tag is a sure fire way to stand out above the rest! The stunning visual effects that can be created using different plastic materials, such as clear and frosted plastic, cannot be achieved using traditional paper printing, making them a great way to showcase your brand and product in a competitive retail environment.

Not only are they a durable alternative to paper tags, but Plastic Swing Tags can also double-up as an effective promotional tool.

We have a range of plastic card shapes and sizes suitable for Swing Tags. The most popular are the small, circular plastic cards with a 5mm hole punch to tie the card to your retail item. But don’t be limited to that! We have a huge range of different shapes and sizes available, browse our extensive die library, and if you can’t find one to suit talk to us about creating a custom die to suit your product!

Creative Plastic Cards offer a complete design and print service. Need some help with the design? Talk to us about creating a unique Swing Tag design to showcase your products today!

Creative ideas for Plastic Swing Tags

  • With the lifespan of plastic, you can use your swing tag as a collectable. Encourage your customers to collect the tags as tokens and once they’ve collected a sufficient amount they can swap them for a complimentary gift!
  • Use a scratch-off panel on the reverse of the tag, to offer purchasers the chance to win something when they buy a particular product.

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Swing Tags

Swing Tags

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