A6 Retail Card Holders

The A6 Retail Backing Card is a fantastic way to display and promote your gift cards in a retail environment


There are a number of ways the Retail Card Carrier can be setup to work seamlessly with your POS system and plastic card design. The different setups are shown below.

A6 Retail Card Holder - Diagram of 4 Different Setups

  1. Basic (flat double sided A6 with hole or slot punch)
  2. With slots (designed to suit a standard size plastic card)
  3. With score (barcodes can be scanned easily by folding up the bottom section of the card carrier)
  4. With window (a window can be punched out of the carrier so that information on the back of the card can be accessed without removing it from the card carrier)
  • Printed on premium art stock
  • For added quality, a Gloss or Matte Celloglaze can be added to one or both sides (although we recommend keeping one side uncoated if you want to be able to write with a normal pen)
  • Special print finishes such as Spot Gloss UV or Metallic Foil can be incorporated for added impact
  • Card slits secure a credit card size plastic card
  • Minimum quantities apply

Our design team is on hand to create stand-out graphics for your Retail Card Carrier.  If you’d like to supply your own artwork please download and use the template provided.

Contact us for more information or to request a quote.


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