Pop-Up Card Wallets

The latest addition to our Card Holder range. This unique Card Wallet has no card slits and displays the card upright when opened.

If you need your packaging to embody luxury and exceptional quality to package and deliver your cards so they make an amazing impression………….we have got you sorted.

This premium card holder makes sure the lucky recipient of the card understands, without a doubt, they are extraordinary and worthy of only the best.

Product Details

  • Printed on high-quality 350gsm art stock.
  • There are no card slits, so you can fit unique cards up to 90mm in width.
  • Assembly is done in seconds and guarantees added impact for the receiver.
  • The plastic card is displayed upright demanding everyone’s attention right onto your business name and gift card.
  • There are limitless finishes to personalize the wallet.
  • Consider Gloss or Matte Celloglaze to one or both sides. We recommend keeping the inside uncoated if you want the gift giver to be able to write on their card with a normal pen.
  • For additional impact order print finishes such as Spot Gloss UV, Metallic Foil or Embossing that make your product completely unforgettable.
  • There is ample space for extra advertising to relay your brand image and message.
  • Supply your own artwork, or work with our experienced design team to secure an extra special product.

Our design team is waiting to create a stand-out product that showcases your brand and displays your gift and loyalty cards so there is no mistaking they are receiving a premier product. Making an impression on new and loyal repeat customers is easy with this premium popup card wallet.

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Pop-Up Card Wallets

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